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The festival of joy - Ganesh Chaturthi is here and while Ganpati Bappa is being celebrated, the environment needs to be protected.
Thus, LMN
Communications being the treasure chest of ideas it is, has come up with the noteworthy concept of installing Visarjan booths near Satara Municipal Corporation Swimming Pool, Opp. to Moti Tale, Satara, which is where the idols in Satara will be immersed this year. These booths are basically elevated shelters designed to place the idol of Lord Ganesha for its last Aarti before Visarjan. The motive behind these is to prevent littering at Visarjan spots as well as give Bappa the respect he deserves. This initiative has been appreciated and is being strongly supported by the Satara Nagarparishad, Satara.
Typically, during Visarjan, when the idols are placed on the ground for Aarti, the Pooja items used for it such as camphor, fruits, coconuts, etc. are placed along with it and often discarded right there. Further, carrying out the ritual on the ground becomes inconvenient for the elderly due to the physical strain this demands. Hence, our Ganesh Visarjan Booths provide space for these items to be placed, ensure cleanliness and assure convenience to one and all.  Furthermore, the sentiments of the devotees are honored as it is respectful to place the idol on a platform.
15 such booths are being sponsored by Mitali collection, Darshan, Satara Lights, LMN Group, Balaji Mobiles, Chandravilas, N. Jivraj, and New Rajpurohit in Satara. We bow down to these companies that are stepping up to take responsibility for helping our environment. This year let’s have an eco-friendly and happier Ganesh festival!

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