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Communicate without a word


Do you know what bridges the gap from business to brand?

Clean, Communicative Design that relates to your brand. At LMN Communications, We practice limitless creativity and elegant design services.

From Social Media creatives to Outdoor advertising, from Print to Digital; We serve the entire design buffet. We craft a design that suits your brand - We design what your brand demands.

Quirky, Classy, Elegant, Flashy - you name it, LMN makes it.

Identity Design

A logo grabs attention, creates an impression and lays the foundation of your brand identity. 

Do you know that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text?

Logo is the visual identity of your brand. While it doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.

LMN Communications is all about the creation of a logo that screams your message!

What sets you apart?

Strategy, Sales ko khichti hai

Branding Strategy

What do Cricket and Branding have in common? In both cases, Strategy is God. Bold research and Practical Insights are the basis of a Strategy that works. The journey from “Business” to “Brand” doesn’t have to be long and tedious. We at LMN Communications back your Branding Strategy by Creativity, Clear Communication and an elaborate Brand Identity.

Space Branding

You can only make an outsider believe in your ideas, when you believe in them yourself.

Space branding, which is branding the interiors of your workplace, drills the basic idea of a brand into the minds of its employees. It creates a culture for the company, brings in vibrancy at the workplace and according to multiple surveys, it heightens the productivity of employees.

LMN Communications aces the game when it comes to space branding. Our extensive expertise in designing coupled with the understanding of architecture and human psychology helps us serve you with the BEST of best.

Aatma - Branding se banoge Aatmanirbhar

Chota design,

Bada dhamaka.

Packaging Design

What if Parle-G biscuits came in a black cover? What if Cadbury Silk chocolates came in regular gloss wrappers instead of the current matte one?

Product packaging is as important as a logo when it comes to brand communication. It not only defines your product but sets an impression for it in the minds of consumers. The matte finish of Cadbury Silk chocolate wrappers represents the product’s superiority over other products in the same category.

With LMN Communications' forté being designing we strive to create package designs that deliver the highest impact.

Social Media Marketing

In order to reach the audience, We must go where they spend most of their time! Where, you ask? Well, Social Media! Social Media marketing is quick, cost-effective, and targeted. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are great tools to befriend and engage your audience. Social media platforms are rapidly becoming the easiest way to grab attention!

Ghar ghar pahochega aapka brand.

Lockdown or not, your customers can always reach you here

Website Designing

The formula for an impressive website is that there is NO FORMULA.

We understand your business is your dream, and like every dream, it is unique. 

LMN Communications analyses the goals of your business as well as its unique needs, matches it with your industry prospects and creates a customised website plan for you.

We create a user - friendly experience that shows

SEO & Content Writing

If your brand is a human body, Content is the backbone. And if content is the backbone, then SEO is the correct posture. Too nerdy? Well, the nerds do it better. 

LMN Communications not only creates content, we create content that stands out. Fresh, Researched and Ground breaking content is our speciality, and guess what? 

When you choose us, it becomes yours. 

Don’t worry, All our content is in good taste.

CEO ke baad,

SEO hi aata hai.

Media planning ke bina brand mushkil hi nahi, Namumkin hai

Media Planning

Many dream, but few have the courage to make it a reality and YOU did! Your business is ready and you have the best products and services in the market, but how do you reach potential customers. Television commercials, Radio Ads, Social Media Marketing or Outdoor Advertising?

How about a mix of two or more? Well, You don’t have to worry about it.

LMN Communications puts your content where the audience is. We keep you informed every step of the way and craft an actionable media plan for you!

Corporate Videos

We aren’t saying this, the experts are! Research has shown that the more senses we engage, the more likely we are to form an impression. What better way to indulge your audiences than an impressive corporate video?

Videos can prove to be just the pavlovian content your brand needs and with our enthusiastic cinematography team, your Corporate videos are in safe and eager hands!

Engage their senses, Command their attention.

Dikhega Product, Tabhi toh Bikega Product

Product Photography

When it comes to visual media, “How” we present something becomes more important than “What” we’re presenting. It is imperative that we communicate the quality of your product to your audience and what better way than an excellent product photography strategy?

LMN Communications creates the composition, the secondary elements as well as the primary presentation of your product in such a way that your message reaches the masses!

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